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Alarming Study Reveals Lack Of Awareness About Career Advice Among UK’s Youth

Youth Group, the leading organisation dedicated to youth employment in the UK with a membership exceeding 1.7 million, has released new findings that shed light on the extent to which young people are facing a dearth of accessible support and guidance in kick-starting their careers and navigating the challenging job market in the country.

According to a recent study conducted by Youth Group, a staggering three-fifths (63%) of individuals aged between 18 and 25 are oblivious to the current availability of career advice resources specifically catered to their needs.

Furthermore, nearly half (48%) of the respondents expressed a sense of limitation when attempting to access crucial career guidance.

These alarming figures coincide with the highly anticipated launch of Season 3 of “My Duvet Flip: The Careers Show for Young People,” hosted by Jack Parsons, the Chief Youth Officer of the UK.

Supporting the latest season of “My Duvet Flip” are returning partners Aviva & EY, along with the addition of Totaljobs, a prominent UK jobs platform.

The partnership between Totaljobs and “My Duvet Flip” aims to address the significant challenges faced by young individuals in the UK. Totaljobs’ own report on the nation’s future talent, released in October 2022, highlighted that half (48%) of 16-18-year-olds believed they were not receiving adequate career advice in their schools.

With over 20 years of experience in helping individuals find suitable employment, Totaljobs is committed to empowering and inspiring the youth across the UK. Through Season 3, presented by Jack Parsons, the show engages in candid conversations with global business leaders, entrepreneurs, and politicians. These discussions delve into their respective career journeys and extract valuable tips and advice for the audience. The series also provides insights into the motivations and positive mindsets of these accomplished leaders.

The previous season of “My Duvet Flip” boasted an impressive lineup of guests, including UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Debbie Hewitt (FA Chairman), Sebastian Dettmers (Chief Executive Officer of The Stepstone Group), and Matt Brittin (President of Google Europe). Season 2 garnered a staggering 9 million views and generated over eight times more engagement compared to the previous season.

Jack Parsons, CEO of Youth Group and the UK’s Chief Youth Officer, expressed his excitement for the third season of “My Duvet Flip,” stating, “The podcast is all about supporting the millions of young people across the UK and empowering them to achieve their goals.”

Sebastian Dettmers, Chief Executive Officer of The Stepstone Group, expressed pride in Totaljobs becoming a partner for the show’s third season, highlighting the shared mission of inspiring and supporting young people in the world of work.

Phoebe Barter, Group Brand Director of Aviva, emphasised the importance of the topics discussed on “My Duvet Flip,” such as mental health, career uncertainty, and the cost of living, and the commitment of Aviva to help individuals solve their financial challenges.

Jack Parsons, who has received numerous accolades including being recognised as LinkedIn’s ‘Top Voice for Young People’ and ‘Top 15 Young Entrepreneurs to Watch,’ hopes that the third season of “My Duvet Flip” will serve as an inspiration for young individuals across the UK to realise and fulfill their potential.