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Baby defies the odds after being born with chronic disease and 20% chance of survival

A baby born with a collapsed lung and chronic kidney disease is defying the odds after being given just a 20 per cent chance of survival

Aaliyah Evans, was born on April 29, 2022.

Three weeks before she gave birth, Siobhan Sharrock, 26, was told that her daughter had chronic kidney disease – a long-term condition where the kidneys don’t work as well as they should.

Aaliyah was born with a collapsed lung and the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck resulting in a bleed on the brain.

The four-month-old also has a bloodline inserted for haemodialysis – a process of purifying the blood of a person whose kidneys are not working normally.

The family have to travel to Bristol Royal Infirmary for treatment and Aaliyah is defying the odds.

The mum of three from Plymouth, Devon said: “We all thought we were having a healthy baby.

“It has been hard, it affects the whole family life but we are happy as we have her in our life.”

Siobhan thought she was having a normal pregnancy until she was told her baby had one kidney that wasn’t working properly – later diagnosed with chronic kidney disease.

Siobhan had to give birth in Bristol Royal Infirmary because her local hospital didn’t have the necessary equipment.

Siobhan Sharrock’s daughter Aaliyah Evans

(Siobhan Sharrock / SWNS)

The mum of three ultimately credits the staff at Bristol Royal Infirmary for saving her baby’s life.

Siobhan said: “The doctors did more tests and scans, sitting us down and telling us that they don’t expect our baby to survive.

“I was devastated, I was angry, I was leaking water throughout my whole pregnancy and I was told not to worry and told I was having a slow labour.

“When I got to Bristol they told me my baby’s lungs had collapsed because I was leaking water.”

The baby was born with a collapsed lung and the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck resulting in a bleed on the brain.

Now, Siobhan and her partner Chris Evans, 34, drive 240 miles to Bristol four times a week for Aaliyah’s hemodialysis.

Siobhan said: “She is doing really good, if you looked at her you would think she is a normal baby, it is not until you hold her and then you see the wires and the scars.”

Siobhan Sharrock’s daughter Aaliyah Evans

(Siobhan Sharrock / SWNS)

The hope is that Aaliyah will get a new kidney when she turns two.

Siobhan said: “It has not been easy but I have my baby at the end of the day.

“That is all I wanted and that is what I have got and I am happy to have her.

“It has been hard trying to split myself in two, we have other kids – our family have been amazing in supporting us.”

Siobhan’s sister Nadine Davies is taking on the challenge of running the Plymouth Half Marathon to raise money for Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Appeal which supports the Bristol hospital.

Siobhan said: “They are amazing, I can’t fault them – they go above and beyond.

“From what I have experienced in previous hospitals, Bristol is completely different.

“They are so welcoming and always checking up on you and asking how the family are doing.”