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Boeing, British Airways & The UK Government Join To Fund Aviation Career Exploration Program

The UK Government, alongside Boeing, British Airways, and the William Gibbs Trust, has granted significant funding to the aviation and aerospace charity, the Air League, for its career enrichment program.

The Air League specifically created the aviation career enrichment program for students who are in state-funding schools. According to the UK-based charity, this program aims to enhance the current career opportunities by offering accessible and comprehensive information on the numerous career opportunities available in the aviation and aerospace industries.


The three-stage program

The career enrichment program, Soaring to Success, will be delivered throughout the academic year and split into three stages.

The program’s first stage will start with national careers conferences open to anyone aged 13-17 in the United Kingdom, allowing individuals to gain insight into available aviation career opportunities. Meanwhile, the program’s second stage comprises an e-learning course created with the collaboration of academics and industry experts.

In stage three, students will progress onto an in-person career, skill, and employment workshops combined with air experience and engineering taster days.

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According to the Air League, the program will provide 35,000 opportunities for pupils in 2023. This includes at least 1,100 in-person flying and engineering tasting days and employability workshops for those from a lower socio-economic background.

The UK Government has granted a total of £50,000 ($60,272) for the Soaring to Success program.

Ian Morrison, CEO of the Air League, said:

“By financially backing the scheme, the Government is not just providing vital funding for thousands of young people. They are also recognizing the importance of Air League’s mission to tear down the institutional barriers within our industry and to encourage more young people – especially those from low socio-economic backgrounds – down the paths of aerospace, aviation, and space.”

Additional contributions from key players

Key aviation players like Boeing and British Airways have joined forces to contribute to the program.

The American aircraft manufacturer Boeing has donated £34,000 ($41,000) to cover two regional projects in the West Midlands and South Yorkshire.

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The UK-based national carrier British Airways, which has supported the Air League for more than ten years, donated funds to cover a pilot project in the Greater London area around London City Airport (LCY).

Maria Laine, President UK & Ireland and Nordic regions at Boeing said:

“Boeing is proud to have supported a wide range of Air League initiatives over the last ten years. Providing entry-level aviation opportunities to young people from economically disadvantaged backgrounds via the excellent Soaring to Success programme, can open up career paths and unexpected opportunities, which we are delighted to encourage.”

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