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Comedian London Hughes hits out at ‘white boys club’ that held back her UK career

London spent years slogging away in the UK trying to build up her career, having started out on adult TV network Babestation before making a career U turn and appearing on CBBC

London Hughes has slammed the UK for undermining comedy stars from minority backgrounds(Rob Latour/REX/Shutterstock)

British comedian London Hughes says she has no regrets about turning her back on the UK – having found success and an impressive income over in the US of A.

The 34-year-old comedy star spent years slogging away in the UK trying to build up her career, having started out on adult TV network Babestation before making a career U turn and appearing on CBBC and later being a contestant on Celebs Go Dating. And while London racked up an impressive number of achievements – snagging the Comedy Store’s 2009 Funny Woman Award and a nomination for the Edinburgh Comedy Award for Best Comedy Show in 2019 – she says she struggled to hit the big time in the UK.

She decided to move to Los Angeles in 2020, only for her plans to be derailed by the Covid-19 pandemic and global lockdown. But she managed to go on to secure a new TV show and a comedy special while the world was in chaos.

With her autobiography, titled Living My Best Life, Hun, releasing next month, the funny-woman says she’s so glad to have made the move to the States. Opening up to the Guardian, London also said she would encourage other aspiring comedians from minority groups to leave the UK for the USA where she says she has found support and success that didn’t exist at home.

London won some comedy awards in the UK, but her career has skyrocketed since she moved to Los Angeles(Rob Latour/REX/Shutterstock)

She told the publication: “I miss my friends and family. I miss pickled onion Monster Munch, and Malibu and pineapple in a can. I miss sea salt and chardonnay-flavoured crisps from the Co-op. Do I miss working in Britain? After the way I was treated? Not at all.”

Explaining her own success, she continued: “I made more money in that first year of moving to America than I’d made in my whole life in Britain. I’m, like: ‘England! What is wrong with you? How dare you make me feel like I wouldn’t make it when I had all this talent in me’.”

She also explained her frustration over the fact that she would see white male comedians on UK panel shows that turned her down when she tried to join – and slammed the likes of Jack Whitehall and Barney Walsh who appear to be handed comedy and travel shows that feature their fathers. London grumbled: “The Oxbridge lot – it’s so boring. It’s like, I get it, hire your friends. But what I really don’t like is when they assume [they know] what the audience wants. Not everybody’s a middle-class white guy from Tunbridge Wells.”

And she added: “I suggested a travel show, because I’d seen all these white dudes on TV travelling all over the world with their white friends and their white fathers and uncles. And God bless them, white men deserve a holiday. But why is it when you see a woman travelling on TV she’s always selling houses?”

She added: “To this day, I tell anyone who is not a white man who is trying to make it in comedy in Britain to leave.”

On social media, London has been highlighting the release of her upcoming book. In a post shared this week, the star said: “I can’t believe in one week’s time I’ll be an author!! My book ‘Living My Best Life hun’ is out in all UK & US stores next TUESDAYYYY!!!”

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