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Electronic tagging among ‘range of options’ UK is considering to keep a check on illegal

Home Secretary Suella Braverman has revealed that the UK government is contemplating the use of electronic tagging for illegal migrants entering the country, as part of its extended detention strategy.

Responding to a report in ‘The Times’, Braverman confirmed that the possibility of deploying GPS trackers to monitor migrants is under consideration as a measure to address the challenges posed by overcrowded detention centers.

The proposed measure comes in the wake of the recently enacted Illegal Migration Act, a significant piece of legislation that empowers authorities to detain and expeditiously repatriate those who enter the UK unlawfully.

In a conversation with ‘Sky News’, Braverman highlighted the need to exercise control over individuals arriving illegally and subsequently ensure their swift removal to safe countries like Rwanda. This, she explained, necessitates having the means to detain and manage such individuals effectively.

Braverman acknowledged the potential need to expand detention capacity, especially if legal challenges against the government’s plan to deport migrants to Rwanda delay the process. She emphasized the government’s commitment to addressing the issue, stating that regardless of legal outcomes, the objective remains preventing illegal immigration and ensuring the safety of the UK’s borders.

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At present, the UK Home Office faces an additional challenge as the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) contemplates legal action concerning the use of the Bibby Stockholm barge to house migrants. Concerns have arisen regarding the safety of the barge, which is docked in Portland, Dorset. Notably, the asylum seekers previously on board were relocated due to the presence of Legionella bacteria in the water supply.As the UK government explores various avenues to manage illegal migration and streamline the removal process, the consideration of electronic tagging represents a pivotal point in this ongoing discourse. The ultimate goal remains ensuring effective border control and safeguarding national security.

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