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Jersey home care costs set to reach almost £40 per hour

4 April 2023, 14:45 BST

Updated 7 hours ago

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The care sector needed investment, Jersey Care Federation said

The price of home care in Jersey is likely to reach £39.80 per hour by 2024, according to a group representing the sector.

Jersey Care Federation (JCF) made the announcement following the publication of the new minimum price for England by The Homecare Association.

The change is due to an increase in carer wages, inflation, the price of fuel, rising rents, and bills.

Jersey’s government said it would “consider additional funding”.

Published annually, the Homecare Association’s minimum price is widely recognised within the social care and health sectors, and by the UK government for strategy and funding purposes.

The current minimum price in the UK has been calculated at £31.56 per hour.

Jersey care providers pay approximately 30% more in staff wages than the UK and also have a much higher cost of living in terms of rent, food and other services, JCF said.

Cheryl Kenealy, chairperson of the JCF, said: “While many factors driving up costs are not within our control, there are several measures which would ease the situation, in particular providing support for overseas recruitment, which is something the UK and many other governments are now providing.

“We would also like to see investment in tools, facilities and processes, for example, a collaborative island-wide procurement strategy for things like PPE, which would allow the care providers to keep their costs lower.”

In response Deputy Elaine Millar, Minister for Social Security, said a review into the home care market was under way, which “aimed to give all providers the chance to work openly and collaboratively” with the government “to resolve the issues faced by the sector”.

She added that some home care providers have stated they do not agree with the predicted figures cited by the JCF, which “demonstrates the complexity of the issue”.

She said: “This government is available to listen and consider additional funding to those private businesses providing care.

“An offer has been made previously to the JCF to consider any business cases on an open book basis and this offer remains open.”

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