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Kerala startup earns UK startup visa

KOCHI: An agri-tech company under the Kerala government’s Startup Mission has received the UK Startup Visa, which is granted to innovative startups that can significantly contribute to the United Kingdom’s economy. The UK Startup Visa comes to, incubated under the Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM), seven months after the company’s partnership with Uptown Urban Farms in Kerala. The company said the partnership resulted in the establishment of the state’s largest (16,000 sq.ft) fully-automated hydroponic farm. “The startup’s ground-breaking solutions have earned it prestigious endowments and accolades, including the Nidhi Prayas Grant, NIDHI EIR Fellowship and the EY Climathon Runner-up award,” the company said in a release. The UK Startup Visa enables startups to establish their presence and grow their operations in the United Kingdom., was incubated under the Startup Mission two years ago. Seamless integration of IoT (internet of things), data analytics and artificial intelligence has enabled the company to optimise crop management by promoting sustainable agriculture and precision farming, the release said. The company said it will continue with its efforts to bridging a gap between innovation and agriculture so as to create sustainable farming. KSUM is Kerala government’s nodal agency established in 2006 for entrepreneurship development and incubation activities in the state.