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McDonald’s issues 25-day warning as it scraps popular feature across UK

NHS staff only have a limited time to save as the popular McDonalds restaurant 20 per cent off discount is set to end this month. McDonald’s is scrapping the benefit on March 31 2023.

McDonalds announced in July 2021 that they were thanking anyone working in emergency services, including the NHS, police, fire, social care sector and armed forces with a 20 per cent discount for NHS staff to use when purchasing food through the McDonalds app. But the discounts will now end this month.

Time is now ticking for NHS workers to take advantage of the offer from this fast food giant. Steve Bater, spokesman at NHS Money Saving blog NHS Discount Offers commented: “We’ve had a good run with this deal but its a real shame that the McDonalds discount is set to end on March 31st so time is really ticking for NHS staff to get their 20% off their favourite meals. The McDonalds 20% discount has been one of the most popular food discounts for NHS staff to take advantage of in the last year or so and its been a great way for NHS staff to save on their McDonalds take aways.”

He added: “The cost of living crisis continues and every little helps as we look to save money wherever we can. It’s really appreciated that McDonalds have been helping NHS staff save. It has been a really kind gesture from the fast food giant and we appreciate them continuing to run the discount for staff until the end of this month.”

To get the discount, simply sign up to the McDonalds app with your NHS email address. Wait approx 48 hours for the offer to appear in the deals section of the app. Use the deal when required.

You can only use the deal one day a week (refreshes every Monday). Police, Armed Forces, Social Care workers and fire service can also claim the offer. Full terms of the McDonalds NHS offer can be found here.

Offer ends 31st March 2023.

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