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uk visa: Most UK visas in 2022 issued to Indians, including record number of student visas

The United Kingdom last year issued most of their visas to Indian applicants, including a record number of student visas.

British High Commissioner to India Alex Ellis said that out of the 2,836,490 visas the UK issued last year, 25% were issued for Indians and New Delhi also recorded the highest number of student visas.

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Ellis said that in 2021, student visas from India saw a 73% increase and work visas saw a a 130% hike.

“Last year UK issued 2,836,490 visas; 25% of those went to India, more than to any other country. Indian nationals received: highest student visas increased by 73% in 2021, most work visas increased by 130%, largest share of visit visas, 30% of the world,” the British High Commissioner tweeted.

Last year 🇬🇧 issued 2,836,490 visas; 25% of those went to 🇮🇳, more than to any other country. Indian nationals re… — Alex Ellis (@AlexWEllis) 1677575013000

Despite reports of curbing immigration, the UK government has taken steps to invite more migrants to the country.

The India-UK Young Professionals Scheme is now open to graduates aged between 18 and 30 and keen to live, study, travel and work for up to two years in either country.

The reciprocal system, green-lit at the end of last year, is pegged as a chance for young people from both countries to “benefit from cultural experiences and inject expertise into both economies”.For all the details| UK’s Young Professionals Scheme: 2,400 visas up for grabs, and you can enter the ballot for free

A further ballot is to be held later in the year.

“This is an excellent opportunity for India’s brightest young people between the ages of 18-30 to experience the best of the UK,” said the British High Commission in New Delhi as it released the detailed eligibility criteria for the new scheme.

Applicants must also have the relevant educational qualifications – bachelor’s degree level or above – and possess Pound 2,530 (approximately Rs 2.6 lakhs) in savings. They must also not have any dependent minor children.

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