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Work Visa: Couple Dupes 21 Aspirants Of 1 Crore With Work Visa For Uk | Surat News

Surat: Owners of a visa consultancy agency, Viviana Patil and her husband Vivan Patil alias Yusuf Patil, duped as many as 21 people with lure for UK work orders. Umra police booked the duo for breach of trust and conspiracy after they fled amassing Rs 1.05 crore of people’s money. The investigations have been handed over to the Economic Offences Wing of Surat police. In his FIR filed with Umra police, teacher Hitesh Patel (40) said he was lured by an advertisement for UK work visa on Facebook in August 2022. The company Voice Immigration and Consultancy Service Ltd had shown its office in Laxuria Business Hub on Dumas-Magdalla road and gave three contact numbers as well.

Couple dupes 21 aspirants of 1 crore with work visa for UK

Patel called on one of the numbers and expressed his desire to secure a UK work visa. The person who attended to his call assured him guaranteed visa for Rs 15 lakh, which he needed to pay in instalments. The person also advised Patel to come with documents to their office. In January 2023, Patel got a call from Kavita, an employee of Voice immigration who asked him to proceed further as her owner had ‘settings’ for a job. She also gave him two reference number starting with UK code +44 and also shared a website address. In February, Patel called on the reference number given by Kavita and the person on the other end assured Patel that he and his wife would get visas soon. In March, Patel went to office of Voice immigration where he met the accused Viviana Patil. who made Patel understand the deal and asked to give Rs 5 lakh in advance and another Rs 10 lakh after the visa was sanctioned. After that, Patel transferred Rs 5 lakh through bank to make an agreement between them. On April 7, 2023, Patel got a message from Viviana for visa appointment of April 26 at VFS Global in Ahmedabad. After the procedure on the date, Patel’s passport was submitted at VFS. On May 17, he got a blank passport at his home. When he did not get a visa, Patel called Viviana who did not respond. Patel later called Yusuf Pathan who told him that he would get it checked. After that, when Patel went to office of Viviana he found it closed. Thereafter, he called their staffer Kavita who said she was on leave for 10 days and that both Viviana and Yusuf had gone to Delhi. Sensing trouble, Patel got the address of Viviana’s home and reached there buit they were not at home. As the office was not opened for many days, Patel investigated further and found that at least 20 more people from all over Gujarat who paid Rs 5 lakh each also did not get visa. Investigation officer ID Desai told TOI: “The other 20 victims are from districts like Bharuch, Valsad, Navsari, Amreli, Vadodara, Daman among others. Viviana and Yusuf got married in 2016 and we have found multiple addresses and are searching for them. We found total 21 victims at present who were cheated of Rs 1.05 crore. We suspect more victims will come forward in the case during investigations.”

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