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Private Educated Student

UK Child Student Visa

The Child Student Visa has replaced the Tier 4 Child Student Visa from 2020.
This visa is for individuals who are 4 to 17 years old and want to study at independent (private) school in UK.

Requirements for a Child Student Visa:

•    The consent from parents
•    Unconditional offer to study in United Kingdom
•    Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (called CAS) from the sponsor
•    Meeting the English language requirements
•    Meeting the maintenance requirements
•    Evidencing of suitable care in the UK
•    A clear Tuberculosis test (if applicable).

The period for visa will depend on the duration of the course and the age of the student.
Of course, it is possible to extend visa to continue studying in the UK.

At Tiara, we are confident and dedicated to ensuring that this application process is smooth and without any stress.
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