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True Partnerships Benefit Everyone Involved

Partner with Tiara

Tiara network (UK) have an international network of over 560 partners.

We have two types of partner classifications.

Our "service partners" come together to give our candidates a first class, award winning service in all aspects of recruitment, training, relocations, UK visa services and more. Our service partners earn from the services they provide for each candidate.

Our "candidates referral partners" recommend our network services to their people and earn a commission for every successful candidate joining Tiara. Candidate referal partners can be normal individuals, institutions, agents, official agents. 

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Tiara partnerships give our candidates the best experience and the highest chances of success. 

This brings all services together under one roof of our major global network.


This has proven to be a great success over the years.

Our candidates have always respected the network for making their life easy by doing all the hard work for them and giving them easy access to a rewarding life and career in the UK.

Our partners have always respected us as we have helped them grow exponentially. 


With some partners having grown their income twenty fold.


Tiara has been a very private network in the past however due to a 126% rise in the demand for the UK care workforce we have decided to open the network to new partners of all sizes. 

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Partner 3.jpeg

Tiara has also modernised and entered the realm of social media. Our new online presence and new network portals are already proving to make our services to candidates and partners truly seamless and very efficient.

Our partners also get access to their own commission and earnings tracking portal.  This is so that you can see how much you will earn and when you will get paid.

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Calculator For Refer A Friend

If you feel that you as an individual person or business, organisation, institution, official agent, affiliate or other service provider can help our network and our candidates then please fill in the form below.

One our dedicated partnership managers will be in touch with further details on how we can work together and give you the commission or earning structure that you can get for each person.

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