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UK Pre & Post 
Landing Services

Getting a visa and a job abroad is not the only thing you need to plan for.

Settling in to the UK, your new local area and your work are also very relevant to your success.

That is why, we help you plan the whole process of settling in in-advance.

We will help you plan ahead with our proven blueprint, you will feel more confident about this huge life change and focus on what's more important, you, your success.


With us you don't have to worry about those scary stories you may have head, like having to sleep in a park as the person cannot find any residential living accommodation or not being able to find your way from the airport or not being able to find local shops. We will help you have everything in place. 

Tiara's Pre & Post Landing Services include:

  • Full UK airport pickup and induction service

  • Arranging a UK sim card

  • Assistance in currency exchange 

  • Proper guidance about job duties 

  • Assessment from a recognised educational body 

  • Assistance with arranging living accommodation

  • Full support with opening a UK bank account

  • Help in obtaining a driving license

  • Best children's school selection service

  • Discounted private health insurance

  • Discounted setup of private pension

  • Discounted assistance making UK investments

  • Full support with UK government registrations

  • Help with buying assets, homes, cars

  • Full UK relocation service

  • Career progression for higher income planning

  • Discounted rates for dependent visas

  • Discounted airline tickets

  • Support with any UK based questions throughout the year.

We have a full network concierge deal that will offer you a discounted package which covers all of our Pre & Post Landing Services.

Our main goal is to help you make your dream a reality.


Fill in the form below to get a free consultation and more information from one of our specialist consultants.

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