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UK Short-Term Student Visa

The previous short-term study visa has been replaced with a new short-term student visa.

This Visa is for students who are over 16 years old and want to study English language course for at least 11 months.


This is an unsponsored route.

To be eligible for a Short-term Student visa, the selected English language course must be with a course provider at an accredited institution.


Also, the adequate maintenance and accommodation requirements must be met.


One of the most important requirements is to have a parental consent if student is under 18 years of age.

Finally, it is very important that the student has the funds for returning home.

This visa will be given for 11 months and will only allow the holder to study on the course.

At Tiara, we are confident and dedicated to ensuring that this application process is efficient and proactive.

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