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uk global talent visa: UK visa to attract the‘best and brightest’ receives just three applicants in

The United Kingdom’s UK Global Talent Visa, aimed to bring the “brightest and the best” into the country by making it easier for award winners in academia or research, arts and culture, and digital technology has recieved only three applicants since its launch.

Announcing the scheme in 2021, former home secretary Priti Patel had said, “Winners of these awards have reached the pinnacle of their career and they have so much to offer the UK. These important changes will give them the freedom to come and work in our world-leading arts, sciences, music, and film industries as we build back better.

“This is exactly what our new point-based immigration system was designed for—attracting the best and brightest based on the skills and talent they have, not where they’ve come from.”

However, according to Research Professional News, the visa scheme has only managed to get three applicants in two years – two applicants were granted the visa in 2022, with just one in 2023.

The UK Global Talent Visa is part of the larger Global Talent route.

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“Due to the exclusivity of the prizes which qualify under the ‘prestigious prize’ pathway of the Global Talent route, we do not expect a high volume of applications in comparison with other immigration routes,” a Home Office spokesperson told RPN.To be eligible for the visa, you must get an endorsement to attest to the fact that you actually are a leader or potential leader in your field.The application process for a Global Talent Visa for the UK is divided into two parts:

  1. Applying for endorsement from an organization that is recognized as an expert in your chosen field

  2. Applying for the Global Talent Visa

The Global Talent Visa is valid for five years, with the possibility of renewal. If you apply as a leader or exceptional talent, you can apply for settlement in the UK after three years. If you apply as a potential leader, you can apply for settlement after five years.

The fee for a Global Visa is £608 per person:

  1. £456 for the endorsement

  2. £152 for the visa

You can also bring your family to the UK with you under this scheme – including your spouse and any minor or dependent children. For each of your dependent family members, you have to pay an extra application fee of £608 and bring the relevant documents.