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Getting a UK Visa is a life changing moment.


Our aim here at Tiara is to change and improve as many lives as we can.

After spending so many years in this business, we can say from our own experience that a UK Visa is the best choice for any individual.

That country can be the UK, England, London, because in the UK you can get a world class living environment, a progressive career and great financials. 

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Why Choose Tiara ?

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We help you make your dreams a reality.


Tiara is one of the world’s top recruitment, training, relocations and UK visa specialist partner networks. With a truly global network, Tiara has been relocating people and their families to the UK for over 22 years.


We have helped people from all over the world get rewarding careers, better financials and improved lifestyles across the UK and London.

We have offices around the globe including:

New London House, London, UK. With our main India office in CP67 Mohali, Chandigarh, other locations include Mumbai, Pune, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala.

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Annual Salaries

UK Health Care Jobs Available Now


Health Care Professional Workers


Doctors Trainee Post FY1

Doctors Foundation Year 2

Doctors In Specialist Training (ST1 - ST8)

Specialist Doctor

Specialist Grade Doctor


£23,000 to £45,243 

£33,706 to £47,672 



£40,257 to £58,398

£50,373 to £78,759

£80,963 to £91,584

£88,364 to £119,133

₹23.1 Lacs To 44.7 Lacs

₹33.3 Lacs To 47.1 Lacs

₹29 Lacs

₹33.3 Lacs

₹39.7 Lacs To 57.7 Lacs

₹49.7 Lacs To 77.8 Lacs

₹80 Lacs To 90.5 Lacs

₹87.3 Lacs To 1.1 Crore

Job Role

Salary In The UK Pounds

Salary In India Rupees


UK RR (ILR) Service

5 Year UK Visa





Cheap Flights

UK Jobs

UK Dependant  Visa

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Get In Touch With Us For A Free Consultation

Call us and we will arrange your one to one consultation with our team completely Free of charge.

Delivering Exceptional Candidate


Rated as your best UK Work Visa, Training & Relocations Network

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